Clinical Servicesfor Your Patients & Clients

Toes on the Go provides medical on-site and on-call contract foot care services to geriatric patents in long-term care facilities, retirement and group communities, health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and private residences. We utilize a variety of advanced techniques that are proven safe and effective in treating a variety of foot problems experienced by seniors of all ages and health stages.

Attentive. Friendly. Effective. Reliable.

Many seniors and restricted patients may not be taking care of their feet as much as they should, resulting in toe, foot and skin infections, ingrown or involuted nails or painful corns, calluses and cracks. This can lead to difficulty walking, limited mobility and poor circulation.

Toes on the Go can help a variety of patients and situations:

• Newly diagnosed and current Diabetic or cancer patients
• Reduced mobility due to rheumatoid arthritis
• Diminished vision due to aging or chronic eye conditions
• Limited mobility due to disability, injury, post-surgery, accident, heart attack,
stroke or other conditions
• Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia
• Limited access to public or private transportation

Currently, there is a fee for our certified services, however, they may be eligible for personal medical tax deductions, depending on the situation. Some of our nursing and podology foot care services may be covered by Canada’s Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Receipts are always provided following each appointment.