Plantar Warts (Vulgaris)

Most common viral infection of the skin and found on the plantar aspect of the foot usually introduced through a break in the skin. They are contagious and many times very difficult to get rid of. Areas where warts can be contracted are locker rooms, swimming pools, public showers, hotel rooms, and wearing other people’s shoes.

Incubation period is 1-20 months and they can live for 7 years.


  • Cauliflower like appearance with distinct edges
  • Possible pain if located on weight bearing surface of the foot
  • Skin lines stop and continue on other side
  • Visible black dots representing blood and nerve supply (a wart is alive)


  • Carefully trim calluses covering the wart
  • PACT therapy
  • Apply an occlusive covering:
    • Duct tape works well
    • Clear nail polish or nail glue
  • Use homeopathic Thuya Occident
  • Liquid nitrogen applied by medical professional
  • Laser therapy

Note: Avoid Compound ‘W’ and Salicylic Acid compounds as these can cause friction and break down healthy skin tissue.