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Health Benefits of getting a pedicure

Remove Calluses and Corns on your Feet:

Calluses and corns are caused by friction, rubbing or pressure on certain areas of your feet.  They both can be due to structural deformities of the foot, shoes not fitting properly, which can impair mobility, or if you are diabetic you may be at risk of infection.

Getting a pedicure can help to remove excessive thick, hard skin on the foot.  Filing down 50% of the calluses and applying a moisturizing product that helps to keep the calluses soft in between visits.

Reduce Overgrown Cuticles:
Overgrown cuticles makes the toes unsightly, with regular pedicures overgrowth cuticles can be maintained.  Applying a cuticle conditioner helps to keep the cuticles supple.

Detects signs of nail and Skin Disease:
Having regular pedicures allows the professional to be aware of any nail and skin disease that may develop, which enables early intervention.

It is always wise to book with the same professional, because they know your history.

Cracked Heels:
Cracked heels are due to lack of moisturization, which can become very painful and may even bleed if left untreated.  Gently filing the heels down with a foot file and applying a foot moisturizer helps to solve this condition.

Conservative Nail Clipping:
Our feet are exposed to many different environments, this can lead to debris under nails which can be unsightly and odorous, as well as long, or chipped nails, which can lead or cause ingrown nails.

A pedicure will ensure conservative nail clipping, cleaning under the nails as well as the nail folds.  Keeping a free edge on the nail will protect the hypoychium, ( soft part of the nail).

Relaxes your Feet:
We are on our feet so many hours in a day, which can cause our muscles and joints to ache.

A pedicure involves a foot and leg massage to help relieve tension on our muscles and joints. It also improves blood circulation  A pedicure helps to relax you which can energize and rejuvenate you after the treatment.  When are feet feel physically improved and pain free, it can lower our stress level, which will improve our state of well being.

Pedicures for Diabetics:
It is imperative as a diabetic to seek professional help who has knowledge doing pedicures on Diabetic feet.  Pedicures can been done every 4 weeks.

Good Hygiene and Knowledge:
By doing regular pedicures by a Certified Podologist they will provide you with ongoing information to keep your feet healthy.  This will include product information, gait analysis, and how to maintain your feet in between pedicures.

Always consult your Dr. if you have any issues with your feet.